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Top St. Louis Protection Order Attorneys

At Anderson Henderson, our protection order attorneys can assist you when seeking or defending against orders for protection.  If you or someone you care about is being affected by domestic violence, we can assist in obtaining a court order to prevent contact by the offender. Unfortunately, many protection orders are entered every day that are completely unnecessary.

The Adult Abuse Act and The Child Protection Orders Act were intended by the legislature to provide an easy means by which an individual could obtain a protection order to prevent abuse, harassment, and stalking. The flip side to this remedy is that it is also easy to obtain one of these orders of protection out of spite or because of emotional breakdown. Physical abuse and intimidation of another person are clearly justifiable reasons for a protection order. However, the statutory definition of harrassment and stalking can often be applied to individuals who meant no harm. The key to defending these cases is whether the fear experienced by the individual seeking the order is fear that would be experienced by a reasonable person.

These cases must be defended vigorously because of the significant stigma that is attached to having one of these orders entered against you. The courts handling these cases have extremely crowded dockets and they often invite the parties to enter into a "consent order" whereby the person accused of abuse, harrassment, or stalking does not admit to any of the allegations, but agrees to have no contact with the petitioner for one year. What the court will likely not tell you, however, is that after this "consent order" is entered, a simple search on the internet will indicate that you have a judgment against you for "Adult Abuse/Stalking." This information will be available for years, and the ramifications of such a label should be obvious. There is very little, if any, benefit to agreeing to a consent order. If you have been served with an ex parte Order of Protection or ex parte Child Order of Protection, that order took effect as soon as the judge signed it. Have no further contact with the petitioner or any children that are the subject of the order, or you could be found in contempt of court, and it will most certainly hurt your case in the eyes of the judge when defending the full order of protection. Finally, contact us immediately so that one of our protection order attorneys may begin working to help you defend your reputation.

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